• Time-Of-Use and Critical Peak Pricing for Businesses

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    February 28, 2019
    The following changes will take effect for business customers beginning March 1, 2019, and will first appear on bills during the April billing cycle for March energy usage:
    Time-Of-Use Rates: New On-Peak Hours
    Nearly all SCE business customers are enrolled in Time-of-Use (TOU) rates. With TOU, there are times of day when energy is less expensive (usually morning, midday and late night) and times when it’s more expensive (late afternoon and evening). Beginning March 1, 2019, TOU On-Peak hours (the times of day when energy is most expensive) will shift to 4 – 9 pm. Business customers are advised to shift as much energy usage as possible away from the new 4 – 9 pm On-Peak hours, and take advantage of the lower Mid-Peak, Off-Peak and (from October thru May) Super Off-Peak rates.  For more information, visit www.sce.com/tou.
    Critical Peak Pricing
    Critical Peak Pricing, or CPP, is a program that rewards business customers with discounts on their summer bills in return for reducing electricity usage on 12 days during the year. On March 1, 2019, all eligible SCE business customers (about 300,000 in total) will be automatically enrolled in CPP. Beginning in June, SCE will call 12 CPP “event” days on weekdays during the remainder of the year (usually occurring on the hottest days); in exchange for agreeing to higher rates on those 12 days, customers on the CPP program will get discounts on their bills for all other days during June, July, August and September.
    Customers newly enrolled in CPP will also get up to 12 months of Bill Protection; meaning, if they would have paid less overall without being enrolled in CPP, SCE will credit those customers the difference. Customers enrolled in CPP can get 24 hours advance notice of a CPP event being called by signing up at www.sce.com/CPPupdatecontact; SCE will notify those customers by either phone, text or email (their choice). Customers can opt-out of the CPP program if they choose with no penalty; they’ll simply be charged their normal rate without the CPP discounts. For more information, visit www.sce.com/cpp