As physical distancing requirements and capacity limits have been lifted, the risk of COVID-19 is still present, especially for those who are not fully vaccinated against the virus. When people wear a mask correctly, they protect others as well as themselves. There are places where everyone 2 years of age and older* must continue to wear a mask, regardless of their vaccination status. Note that in the workplace, workers have to follow Cal/OSHA mask requirements which are different than the guidance below. EVERYONE, regardless of vaccination status,must wear a mask: • On planes, trains, buses, ferries, taxis and ride-shares, and all other forms of public transport • In transportation hubs like airports, bus terminals, train stations, marinas, seaportsor other ports, subway stations, or any other area that provides transportation. • Healthcare settings • State and local correctional facilities and detention centers • Shelters and cooling centers • Indoors at any youth-serving facility (such as K-12 schools, childcare, day camps, etc.) • Any business or government office serving the public that requires everyone to wear a mask UNVACCINATED people must also wear a mask: In indoor public settings and businesses, for example: • Movie theaters • Restaurants • Retail spaces • Family entertainment centers • Mega-events • Meetings • Government offices serving the public In addition, FULLY VACCINATED people are strongly encouraged to wear a mask in the indoor public settings and businesses above. Recommendations: • If you are in a setting where you are in close contact with other people who may not be fully vaccinated, consider wearing a higher level of protection, such as wearing two masks (“double masking”) or a respirator (e.g., N95 or KN95). This is especially important if you are not fully vaccinated and are in an indoor or crowded outdoor setting. • To be extra safe, it is strongly recommended that you wear masks indoors in public places when you don't know everyone’s vaccination status regardless of your vaccination status. While fully vaccinated people are protected from getting sick from variants, they may get asymptomatic or mild infections. Until we better understand how and to who the Delta variant is spreading, everyone is asked to wear masks to help slow the spread of the virus. You can always choose to wear a mask if you want to, regardless of your vaccination status. And you cannot be turned away from a business or activity for wearing one.